CHERRY PICKS - 2024 Tribeca Film Festival Picks

Join us as we continue to celebrate festival season! The Tribeca Film Festival celebrates its 23rd showing this year with a range of movies, from heart-wrenching documentaries to lighthearted comedies and everything in between. What started as an effort by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal to bring business to lower Manhattan after 9/11 has grown into an internationally acclaimed movie lover’s mecca...READ MORE

INDIEWIRE “SCREEN TALK” - “Why ‘Furiosa’ Failed at the Box Office; Q&A with Tribeca Director Cara Cusumano (Episode 485)”

Anne Thompson and Ryan Lattanzio dive deeper into their big Cannes experience. Also special guest and Tribeca Film Festival Director of Programming Cara Cusumano...READ MORE

TV OVERMIND - Exploring Girlhood Through Friendship and Growth in Morrisa Maltz’s ‘Jazzy’

Morrisa Maltz‘s new film Jazzy showcases the growth of young Jazzy from age six to twelve in a gentle and impressionistic way. The film beautifully captures the joys and pains of youth through the lens of childhood friendships and the challenges of growing up....READ MORE


‘In Morrisa Maltz’s “The Unknown Country,” a woman named Tana (Lily Gladstone) travels across the Midwest to reconnect with her estranged Oglala Lakota family in South Dakota. While there, she attends her cousin’s wedding. This is where we are introduced to the Bearkiller-Shangreaux family for the first time. Lainey, Devin, and their young daughter, Jasmine, instantly welcome Tana and the audience into their home...READ MORE

JOSH AT THE MOVIES - Tribeca 2024: Jazzy 

Jazzy spans across one girl’s childhood, ages six through twelve, with the majority focusing on her twelve-year-old self. For as long as they can remember, Jazzy (Jasmine Shangreaux) and Syriah (Syriah Fool Head Means) have been best friends. They giggle about other girls, and “unfriending” through handwritten notes. They vow to stay friends forever. Then one day, Syriah starts ignoring Jazzy. She won’t sit with her on the bus anymore. She refuses to text Jazzy back, or to acknowledge her in any way. Their mothers have gotten in a bad fight; as a result, Syriah has been specifically instructed that she can no longer speak to Jazzy. It’s all very middle school, and Jazzy can really feel Syriah’s absence. Not only are they forbidden to speak, but Syriah and her entire family are going to be moving away...READ MORE

A.FRAME“What to Watch: New Movies Releasing in June 2024,” mentions JUNE ZERO, by staff.

A.frame has your guide to all the movies hitting the big screen and streaming platforms this June.

Also out in June: June Zero (in select theaters June 28)


UNSEEN FILMS - Positive review of the film

Jazzy (2024) Tribeca 2024

Morrisa Maltz follows up  her acclaimed THE UNKNOWN COUNTRY  with  a film that seems more like a documentary than a narrative. The film charts the relationship of Jazzy, an Oglala Lakota girl from age six to twelve. While it primarily focuses  on her relationship with her friend Syriah, it also focuses on the experience of being a kid...READ MORE

GEEK VIBES NATION‘Jazzy’ Review – A Powerful Story Of True Friendship [Tribeca 2024]

Friendship is a strange and powerful bond. This is true at any age, of course. But it is an odder, more intense, and more private feeling that we all experience as young people. Think back to your first real friendships, your BFFs...READ MORE

COLLIDER - 'Jazzy' Review: Lily Gladstone’s Magnificent Road Movie Gets Must-See Follow-Up | Tribeca 2024

"In Morrisa Maltz’s The Unknown Country, one of the many essential American movies starring Lily Gladstone to come out last year, we would frequently slow down to take in the stories of people that many other filmmakers would overlook. Each had a life that we got a snapshot of as Maltz provided a brief yet critical glimpse into their day-to-day existence before continuing along the road. Her spiritual successor to that film, the gently somber yet quietly joyous Jazzy...READ MORE

INDIEWIRE‘Jazzy’ Review: Morrisa Maltz’s Spiritual Sequel to ‘The Unknown Country’ Is a Dreamy Journey Through Coming of Age

Tribeca: The filmmaker's latest film deepens her relationship — and her skillset — with the people who made her breakout feature such a gem... READ MORE

THE WRAP - ‘Jazzy’ Review: Morrisa Maltz’s Luminous Drama Shares a Sensitive Vision of Girlhood.

A gorgeous meditation on girlhood, “Jazzy” picks up where “The Unknown Country” left off, to focus on the child who bonded with Gladstone’s character as she explored her Oglala Lakota heritage. Filmed over the course of six years, Maltz captures Jazzy (Jasmine Bearkiller Shangreaux) and her best friend Syriah (Syriah Foohead Means) between the ages of eight and thirteen...READ MORE

L’OFFICIEL USA“Don’t Miss These Films at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival”

L’OFFICIEL USA put together its top choices for the screenings to be at this festival. 

Jazzy - Lily Gladstone is reuniting with Morrisa Maltz on this new film. The movie is meant to be a companion piece for their other successful project, The Unknown Country..... READ MORE

YAHOO! ENTERTAINMENT - “Curtain goes up on 2024 Tribeca Festival, with tribute to Robert De Niro”

Lily Gladstone ("Killers of the Flower Moon") is featured in "Jazzy," a tale of growing up on the Oglala Lakota reservation in South Dakota (June 9, 10, 12).... READ MORE

DEADLINE“Tribeca Festival Raising The Curtain On 2024 With Co-Founder Robert De Niro Front And Center”

Opening the festival tonight is documentary Diane von Furstenberg: Woman In Charge to be followed over ten days by 108 features from over 50 countries, many international. The 86 world premieres include Sacramento, Griffin In Summer, A Mistake, The Shallow Tale Of A Writer Who Decided To Write About A Serial Killer, The Wasp, Jazzy and Lake George. Brats, LIZA: A Truly Terrific Absolutely True Story, Group Therapy and ¡Casa Bonita Mi Amor! featuring Trey Parker and Matt Stone are new docs.... READ MORE

CBS NEWS - “Curtain goes up on 2024 Tribeca Festival, with tribute to Robert De Niro”

This year marks the 23rd edition of the festival, which was launched in 2002 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff to help revitalize a city wounded by 9/11. Since then it has grown into a major event for film lovers and media figures that also encompasses non-cinematic art forms: podcasts, demos of role-playing games, immersive art, and virtual reality/augmented reality exhibitions. This year's film slate was selected from more than 13,000 submissions, more than ever before.... READ MORE

AWARDS RADAR“Movies To Look Forward To At The 2024 Tribeca Festival”

Here now are some of the many titles to look out for at the 2024 Tribeca Festival:

Honorable Mentions: #AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead, Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes, Jazzy, LIZA: A Truly Terrific Absolutely True Story, and Sabbath Queen... READ MORE

VARIETY - “10 Movies We’re Excited to See at Tribeca Festival”

WHY IT’S ON OUR RADAR “The Unknown Country,” Maltz and Gladstone’s previous collaboration, impressed critics with its lyrical examination of grief and family. “Jazzy” tackles childhood, in all its beauty and intensity, following a young Oglala Lakota girl as she grows up in South Dakota... READ MORE

SCREEN ANARCHY “Tribeca 2024 Preview: Raise the Curtain, See These Movies”

Arising from the ashes of the 2001 terrorist attack on New York City, the Tribeca Festival has long established itself on the annual calendar as a home for edgy indie and international films. They self-describe their feature film lineup as "highlighting politically, culturally and socially relevant films from diverse storytellers... READ MORE

MOVIEJAWN - “TRIBECA 2024: Megan's Flick Picks”

Morrisa Maltz returns after her successful drama The Unknown Country with Jazzy, a film about a young Oglala Lakota girl in South Dakota. Jazzy (Jasmine Bearkiller Shangreaux) and Syriah (Syriah Fool Head Means) star as two close friends growing up together until Syriah has to move away... READ MORE

INDIEWIRE “30 New Movies to See at the 2024 Tribeca Festival”

‘Jazzy’ (US Narrative Competition) - Filmmaker Morrisa Maltz is crafting herself — and growing body of fans — her very own cinematic universe, this one rooted in the Native American experience and highlighted by a dedication to honest storytelling that is both thrilling and very necessary these days... READ MORE

THE FILM STAGE- “14 Films to See in June,” includes JUNE ZERO

The summer movie season continues with a handful of festival highlights coming to theaters, including Cannes premieres both from this and last year, alongside family dramas, vampire flicks, and one of the boldest experimental offerings of the year. We should also mention Richard Linklater’s Hit Man, which was on last month’s list for its all-too-limited theatrical release, will hit its final resting place on Netflix beginning June 7...READ MORE

CINELINX-  June 2024 Movie Releases,” includes JUNE ZERO

June brings on the warmer weather and even more movies for audiences to check out, both in theaters and at home.. READ MORE

COLLIDER- June Zero | Official Trailer | Cohen Media Group

Through June Zero's three characters, writer-director Jake Paltrow dramatizes the 1962 trial and execution of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi who organized the Holocaust. One is young Libyan immigrant David (Noam Ovadia), who debates the execution's morality in his classroom. Meanwhile, Haim (Yoav Levi), a Jewish man, guards Eichmann, and investigator and Holocaust survivor Micha (Tom Hagy) aids the prosecution...READ MORE

QUAD -  "JUNE ZERO" Q&A Tickets Available Now!

The 6/28 Q&A is now live on the Quad website, tickets can be purchased through the showtime in the Q&A listing (which clicks through to the film's Fandango page). BUY  TICKETS HERE!

SERIESFEST -  Unconventional Premiere

From Kit Williamson, creator of the Emmy-winning series EASTSIDERS on Netflix, UNCONVENTIONAL follows two eccentric, queer siblings and their significant others as they try to start an unconventional family, try to stay sane in an unstable world and, most importantly, try to hold onto the bonds they share ...READ MORE

DEADLINE - Independent TV Pilots are Having a Moment

As such, he decided to make his latest project, Unconventional, which follows two eccentric, queer siblings and their significant others as they try to start an unconventional family while navigating their 30s, himself with help from The Diary of a Teenage Girl producer Miranda Bailey and release it via VOD through distribution label The Film Arcade in the U.S. ... READ MORE 

FIRSTSHOWING - “Official US Trailer for Jake Paltrow's 'June Zero' About Eichmann's Trial,” features the trailer for JUNE ZERO, by Alex Billington.

Cohen Media Group has unveiled an official trailer for a film titled June Zero, which has been awaiting a release for a few years. June Zero is co-written and directed by filmmaker Jake Paltrow, of the films The Good Night and Young Ones before. ...READ MORE

PUNCH DRUNK CRITIC - “‘June Zero’ Trailer: Jake Paltrow Explores A Nazi War Criminal’s Trial From Multiple Perspectives,” features the trailer for JUNE ZERO, by Travis Hopson.

Paltrow centers his film around the 1961 trial of Nazi official Adolf Eichmann, a key organizer of the Holocaust. Three very different characters: a Jewish Moroccan prison guard, an Israeli police investigator and Holocaust survivor, and a 13-year-old child all all deal with the ramifications and have their own perceptions of the same events.  ...READ MORE

PLAYLIST - ‘June Zero’ Trailer: Jake Paltrow Examines The Trial Of An Infamous Nazi War Criminal," feature JUNE ZERO, by Valerie Thompson.

Director Jake Paltrow uses three characters to show a historical event’s impact in “June Zero.” The film’s starting point is the 1961 trial of Nazi official Adolf Eichmann, a major Holocaust organizer. A prison guard, a police investigator, and a 13-year-old all find themselves dealing with its aftermath.  ...READ MORE

PEOPLE - Gwyneth Paltrow's Brother Jake Depicts the Trial of a Nazi Officer in June Zero Trailer (Exclusive)," features JUNE ZERO, by Tommy McCardie

'Cohen Media Group shared the trailer for Jake Paltrow's June Zero exclusively with PEOPLE. The movie, which originally premiered at film festivals in 2022 and 2023, centers around the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann, an officer in Nazi Germany's regime during World War II whom the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum describes as "among the major organizers of the Holocaust."  ...READ MORE

DEADLINE - Jake Paltrow’s Adolf Eichmann Drama ‘June Zero’ Set For Theatrical Release By Cohen Media Group

" June Zero, the latest from writer-director Jake Paltrow (Young Ones, The Good Night, De Palma) and producers Oren Moverman (The Messenger, Bad Education), Miranda Bailey (Swiss Army Man, The Diary of a Teenage Girl)" READ MORE

TRIBECA - Jazzy World Premiere US Narrative Competition

"Following her award-winning film "The Unknown Country," filmmaker Morrisa Maltz delves into the delicate dynamics of childhood camaraderie in "JAZZY." Amidst the challenges of adolescence in South Dakota, young Jazzy experiences the poignant blend of joy and heartache inherent in close friendships. Yet, as her best friend departs, Jazzy confronts not only loss but also a newfound sense of autonomy." READ MORE

Quartz - Hollywood’s indie film industry is still waiting for a dose of #MeToo

Producer Miranda Bailey spent two decades becoming an independent film industry powerhouse. Her production company, Cold Iron Pictures, has steadily built an impressive catalog—recent successes include... READ MORE

INDIE WIRE - Lily Gladstone Expands Her Empire with ‘The Unknown Country’ Sequel and Doc ‘Bring Them Home’

The Oscar-nominated "Killers of the Flower Moon" actress produces both projects, with the Duplass Brothers also behind "Jazzy"... READ MORE 

DEADLINE - Lily Gladstone Reteaming With ‘The Unknown Country’s Morrisa Maltz On ‘Jazzy,’ Will Exec Produce Alongside Duplass Brothers Productions

Lily Gladstone is set to reteam with Morrisa Maltz on "Jazzy", a companion piece and follow-up to their acclaimed indie drama "The Unknown Country" ... READ MORE

VARIETY - The Boy with the Light Blue Eyes (EXCLUSIVE)

WILLA, Astrakan Film, and Cold Iron Pictures are set to join Argonauts Productions to produce Thanasis Neofotistos's “The Boy With the Light Blue Eyes,” a coming-of-age queer Greek tragedy... READ MORE 

VARIETY - Lily Gladstone Nominated for 2023 Gotham Awards Outstanding Lead Performance in THE UNKNOWN COUNTRY

In 2021, the Gothams decided the awards for acting would no longer be defined by gender. That means that the likes of Lily Gladstone (recognized for “The Unknown Country” instead of her better-known work in “Killers of the Flower Moon”) will face off in the lead performer category... READ MORE

DEADLINE - Producer Miranda Bailey Says Studios & Streamers Turned Down New Series ‘Unconventional’ Due To LGBTQ Themes

Producer Miranda Bailey, known for movies such as Swiss Army Man, Don’t Think Twice and The Diary of a Teenage Girl, says that multiple studios and streamers shied away from acquiring her completed drama series Unconventional due to its queer themes... READ MORE


'Don't Think Twice' Distrib Film Arcade Picks Up Indie Pic 'Small Time' With 'The Flight Attendant' Star

Indie distributor The Film Arcade has acquired North American rights to distribute Small Time, written and directed by Niav Conty, and exec-produced by Oscar nominee Oren Moverman (The Messenger). The film stars Audrey Grace Marshall (The Flight Attendant) Holter Graham (Maximum Overdrive) and Kevin Loreque (Pose) ... READ MORE


Film Arcade Carousel

Jordyn Aurora Aquino, Natalie Whalen, Stephanie Piche   ...READ MORE


The Film Arcade Launches New One-Stop Distribution Shop For Indie Films

Indie film distribution company The Film Arcade is furthering its outreach to indie projects with its newly launched distribution arm The Film Arcade Carousel which will be a one-stop shop for small-budget indie films via digital platforms.   ...READ MORE