COLD IRON PICTURES is an independent film financing company founded and run by award-winning producer, director, and actress Miranda Bailey. The company specializes in financing and developing film and television projects that are unique, impactful, and have the potential to reach a wide audience.

Miranda Bailey brings a wealth of experience and expertise to COLD IRON PICTURES, having worked on a variety of successful films and television shows throughout her career. Her strong industry connections, passion for storytelling, and keen eye for identifying standout stories make her a valuable asset to each project.

COLD IRON PICTURES works closely with filmmakers and writers to bring their visions to life, offering financial support and creative guidance throughout the development and production process. The company has a reputation for fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for its partners, and for taking an active role in helping to shape projects for maximum impact.

The company also has a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity, seeking out projects that tell underrepresented stories and give a voice to marginalized communities. This dedication to promoting diversity in film and television has helped COLD IRON PICTURES establish itself as a leader in the independent film world.

Featured Projects